Delaware Tag Challenge

Anyone who actively enjoys disc golf and fun competition is welcome to join the Delaware Tag Challenge. Tags are purchased annually. Anyone who has a tag from the previous year can purchase a tag for $10. The cost of a new Tag is $15. Contact Paul Kelly at one of our many events, or on Facebook for yours today! You can also help support the club (DDG) by getting a commemorative Tag (Green) for $15.

2017 Tag Colors
1-10 Gold
11-75 Red
76-150 Blue
151-200 Black
1-20 Pink (Women)
1-15 Green (Commemorative)

Tag Challenge Rules

The Challenge: During casual or tournament play with other Delaware Tag holder(s), means the challenge is on. No excuses are accepted. The player with the lowest score wins the lowest Tag. The player with the 2nd lowest score wins the 2nd lowest Tag, and so on, until Tags have been redistributed. The rules are determined by the event being attended (tournament play), or by a group vote (casual play) before the round begins.

Tag Season Kick-off: The year begins and ends with the Flyin' by the Bay event at Camp Tockwogh (or equivalent) tournament in late March or early April (usually.) That’s when new Tags will be issued and old Tags become obsolete.

Kelly Half Stroke Rule: The lower Tag holder has to be beaten, not tied. Ties give the lower Tag holder a half stroke advantage. This rule only applies to Tag possession and not to tournament scores.

Forgetting Tags: Is forgivable, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. It is a good idea to keep it in/on your bag or on your keychain. Habitually forgetting your Tag is poor sportsmanship.

Leaving Early: Leaving a round or tournament before the Tag sort has been finished for whatever reason, means you get the highest Tag in the mix. Leaving because you’re having a bad round is poor sportsmanship. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, even if you are out of the running in your division; remember you always have a Tag to keep playing for.  Exceptions may be made, if you have to leave do to an “emergency” or an “injury”.

Hiding Tags: This is not only a rule, but a philosophy. Tags only mean something if you defend them. This is not only poor sportsmanship, but also a reflection of your own insecurity and poor character (it’s only a Tag) Tags are only a way to make the round more interesting and are not to be coveted.

Lost Tags: Since there is only a limited number of Tags and to stop Tag hoarding the following rule will be in effect. First offense will be $15, second offense $20, three times and you’re out of the challenge for the rest of the year.