Delaware Disc Golf Courses


Course Length: 5357
Course Par: 54

Situated on an old DuPont Estate, this medium size course features many open field shots as it winds around a well-used walking track. Keep your eyes open for a new layout and plan for this classic course, as it transitions to a beginner friendly course for families.

Brandywine Creek

Course Length: 6521
Course Par: 55

Brandywine was the first course converted to an 18 hole layout in Delaware. “Steady” Ed Headrick himself came out and gave advice on course design and layout. Elevation changes over the rolling hills, while long masonry stone walls outline a picturesque landscape. By far the biggest obstacle here is the wind, so be prepared to adjust your drives and putts. The fairways are mostly open and trees still come into play, as the course flow is balanced with uphill, downhill, long, and short holes.

Canby West

Course Length: 4640 ft. - 6286 ft.
Course Par: 56

The course plays into, out-of, and within a small portion of woods, mostly mid-sized hardwoods, and is bordering open space, in a decent-sized city park. Two small streams wend their way through the woods, adding to the scenery and challenge. There are beginner friendly short tees and more challenging long tees. Canby is is now a  full 18 hole course and additional tee pads and baskets are being worked on an implemented now.

Cape Henlopen

Course Length: 5059
Course Par: 54

18 holes built right into the sandy dunes, beach grass and pine trees of this popular beach side state park, Cape Henlopen is one of the most unique disc golf courses you can play. Cape, as the course is known by local golfers, features multiple layouts to appeal to disc golfers of many skill levels. Sandy fairways and boardwalk tee pads complete this disc golf gem.

Iron Hill

Course Length: 5240 ft. - 10,255 ft.
Course Par: 72

Iron Hill is both mentally challenging and very physical course to endure. It is long and tight with clean fairways, and elevation changes on almost every hole. To score well you’ll need many different shots and skill. Do you play for par or for birdie? Play it safe and shooting in the 70′s will win you many matches with your friends and probably cash in a tournament. Going for it can reward you with a score in the 60′s or risk earning you extra throws to put you over the 80 mark.

All Gold tees are 6 X 12 concrete pads that have the great traction. Each tee is a good distance from the previous pin, to avoid back-ups on the course. Every hole has a set of 2 baskets with gold crowned DISCatchers being utilized in the long layoust. Silver baskets are in place for the shorter layouts. Iron Hill was designed to be a pro par 72, with tournaments in mind. Right now Gold layout comes in at par 72. 

In order to get the full scope of this course you need to play from the correct tees. The course was designed with the idea of playing par 72 for everyone. The course was put in Gold tees first with the idea of utilizing the land provided. The White and Red tees are in the process of being finalized and will make the course play more Am friendly.

Killens Pond

Course Length: 5,036 ft. – 5813ft
Course Par: 54

Located just below Dover, Killens pond is DE’s mid-state gem. Tight fairways winding between pine trees are countered by a few still challenging open holes to make this 18 hole beauty. Three tees and two pin positions on most of the holes allow for a huge variety of difficulties. The red tees to the short pins is ideal for newer players, while the blue tees to long pins offers a great challenge to more advanced golfers.

Lums Pond

Course Length: 5,175
Course Par: 54

Trees, trees, and more trees.  Lums Pond has tight fairways that weave in and out of the woods and occasionally into the field. Accuracy and shot selection will be put to the test as these fairway guardians are quick to tree-ject that almost good enough throw. Yet there is still plenty of tree love to go around when your disc navigates its way through the impossible or gets a favorable kick toward the basket. Technically challenging to both experienced and amateur players.

Trap Pond

Course Length: 6,695 ft.
Course Par: 57

A gorgeous, secluded 18 hole wooded course in quiet Laurel, Delaware; Trapp Pond features 2 sets of tees and 2 sets of baskets for disc golfers of a variety of skill levels. In its longest set up, the course requires the technical accuracy and placement of an advanced golfer, while the shortest set up allows the beginner to meander through an ancient pine forest and enjoy their short throws.

White Clay

Course Length: 5726 ft
Course Par: 54

White Clay is a great place to learn and build confidence. It is a par 3 course and almost every hole has a birdie opportunity. On the links you will find elevation changes, trees, shrubs, short, long, open, and tight fairways. It is a well maintained and beautiful park, and although it is beginner friendly, the rough can get tenacious in the summer, as the park lets certain areas grow high for wildlife preservation. A fun and relaxing round for any level golfer.