DDG Committees

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Submitted by Marley on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 2:04pm

The DDG Board has created a group of committees to help further the disc golf and give back to our community. If you would like to volunteer, we can use your energy in ways helpful to the DDG club and the sport. Take a moment to find out where you can fit in best.

Communication Committee: Responsible for DDG’s internet presence either with its own website or through DDG pages on larger social networks. Maintaining event and course information on the DDGs internet presence. Work with the Secretary on the best method of distribution of information to the Membership.

Competition Committee: Responsible for making recommendations to the Board on the fairness of rules, activities, events, etc. Assist as needed at tournaments during registration, between rounds, and after play is completed to ensure all things run smoothly.

Education Committee: Responsible for working on programs and events designed to teach others the sport of disc golf, with special attention should be given to diversity education.

Membership Committee: Responsible for promoting the club in such a way as to drive membership by making those new to the area aware of DDG. Assist the Secretary in the collection of email and physical addresses. Contains Members who live outside the State of Delaware to best care for the needs and concerns of those individuals.

Community Involvement Committee: Responsible for working with state and local officials in items where DDG can work within the community such as charitable organizations, non-course related volunteerism and other local disc golf organizations.

Course Development Committee: Responsible for working with state and local officials on maintaining and enhancing the existing courses through fundraising, work days and general upkeep. Work with the board and state and local officials on new course development. Work with or as the Course Coordinators (also referred to as Course Pro’s). Planning and execution of clean-up and/or work days for a course. Liaising with the State or County Park personnel at a course. Working with the Communication Committee on items specific to a course.