Upcoming DDG Elections

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Elections are coming up for the DDG board. In the next week we will be accepting nominations. All current tag holders are eligible to vote and run for board positions. Please send nominations to Steve Starkey, the current DDG VP and head of the election committee.

There will also be an amended version of the DDG Constitution on the ballot as well. It is designed to help the club position itself to become an officially recognized Non-Profit organization. One of the other changes is the creation of various standing committees that will become accountable to the Vice President position once the Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the President. Under the new Constitution there would only be one Vice President (rather than two currently) and the elected PDGA State Representative would officially join the DDG Board.

The Standing Committees proposed in the amended Constitution are: The Communication Committee shall be responsible for DDG’s internet presence either with its own website or through DDG pages on larger social networks. The Competition Committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Board on the fairness of rules, activities, events, etc. The Education Committee shall be responsible for working on programs and events designed to teach others the sport of disc golf. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for promoting the club in such a way as to drive membership by making those new to the area aware of DDG. The Community Involvement Committee shall be responsible for working with state and local officials in items where DDG can work within the community. The Course Development Committee shall be responsible for working with state and local officials on maintaining and enhancing the existing courses through fundraising, work days and new course development.

So start thinking about if you would want to be a part or the board or a committee. You can volunteer yourself or nominate another DDG member.

Nominations will open next week and run until November 15, 2013.

Here are basic descriptions of the officer positions in the upcoming elections.

President – act as the Chairperson of the Board, is the Chief Executive of the DDG, shall preside at all business meetings of the DDG and shall be responsible for administering the affairs of the DDG according to the policies and regulations established by the Constitution, has the authority to create ad hoc DDG Committees to address specific issues.

Vice President – shall act for the President whenever the President is unable to perform her/his duties. Club elections shall also be coordinated and administered by the Vice-President. There are some important constitutional changes that effect this position which I will cover in a later comment.

Secretary – responsible for recording and communicating the actions of the Board and committees to the Membership and shall maintain a headquarters office and perform clerical and data services of the organization.

Treasurer – shall have charge of the DDG funds and disperse them upon authorization Committee or Constitution, must approve all purchases, earnings, profit, and debts incurred in the name of the DDG, shall report annually, or more often if requested by the DDG President or Board, the financial status of the organization, shall file all required financial documents with any government body as required to fully comply with all laws and regulations of every state in which the DDG conducts affairs, shall prepare a budget each year for the DDG if the board so requests, shall disperse funds in accordance with the budget or at the request of the Board.

You would express interest in one or more committees, then the President would appoint you as chairperson or the chairperson would add you as a committee member. So for example, I was asked to chair the Constitution committee, and then I volunteered to join the Election committee.

The Current DDG Board Officials
Vice President 1- Brian Resine
Vice President 2- Steve Starkey
Out of state VP- John Henry Kane
Treasurer-Jimi McIlvain
Secretary – Jen Cable.

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