Elections Are Now Open!

Submitted by dediscgolf.com on Mon, 08/25/2014 - 10:16pm

Attention 2013 DDG tag holders!

It’s time to vote. All current tag holders are eligible to vote. Please go to the link below to register your opinion. We are currently voting for all DDG board positions and to ratify a new DDG constitution. Please review the new constitution posted in an earlier post before voting. We are voting for 2VP positions but if the new constitution is ratified the 2nd VP position will be dropped.

If you know a tag holder that is not online or if you do not want to register with your email for a valid reason, please call Steven Starkey at (302)250-3531 to register your votes. Please note that all future club voting will be done using online balloting emailed directly to DDG members.

Please don’t comment on this post unless you are a candidate on the ballot. There will be another post where you can express your opinions or support for the candidates.

To vote go to www.ballotbin.com/voterReg.php?b=42088

Thank you.

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