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Submitted by Marley on Fri, 01/23/2015 - 3:55pm

Your Member of the Year nominees in no particular order! Thank you all for everything you do!

Tyler Hogan For his camaraderie, sportsmanship, and commitment to growing the sport. He is willing to mentor new players and brings a positive atmosphere whenever he plays.

Jennifer Cable For her contributions as a board member and a chairperson of two committees. She is a seasoned TD and has worked tirelessly on the growth of our course at Bellevue.

Vincenzo Sutlic For his many contributions to tournaments throughout the year and his tireless work and professionalism on and off the course. He brings a super serious attitude to every part of our disc golf experience.

Jen Tozer For her work as chairperson of the Membership committee and growing our weekly doubles at White Clay. We saw new folks every Wednesday and everyone enjoyed fair and fun disc golf.

Fran Hoffman For running our fantastic Circus Tent Series Tournaments all throughout the year. Fran brings a wonderful sense of creativity and fun to competitive disc golf.

Donnie Ferguson For spearheading our fundraising efforts for the 2014 DDGC. He raised $1500 by convincing Jimi to part with his glorious hair...enough said.

Mike Tolbert For working full time for free as our club President. Mike improves everyone's experience at every tournament he directs or skills clinic that he is involved in. His work with neighboring disc golf clubs enhances our sense of regional community.

Paul M Kelly For being the senior statesman of disc golf in Delaware. He solely sponsors our coveted tag challenge, organizes sold out tournaments, and is a gentleman on and off the course, promoting our sport whenever possible.

John Schleider For putting in hours of hard work assisting in course development and upkeep. John took on the challenge of generating GPS maps, helping us to work towards new and improved tee pad signage for several of our courses.

John Halloran For being a valued board member, contributing during key work days, and lending his expertise towards course development. John works hard to promote the sport and encourages involvement by all of our members.

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